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eating sounds added to the gross-out factor as human flesh is consumed (slow singed meat strips over an open flame)! . With Gabriele Tinti and Anita (Antichrist) Strindberg 9818 Trouble Every Day (00) Vampire cannibal film! . LBX  Subs BA 1660 Twisted Brain (74)  A nerdy highschool super whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig "Mr. Subs 1712 Victims (85)  Four young girls on a camping trip in the woods are stalked by a pair of crazed serial killers. . Ignoring the warnings (of course they set up camp, and start disappearing one by one. BA 3019 Mirrors (78)  A woman's dreams lead to death. The rest of the film's somewhat short (just under an hour) running time deals with our unfortunate victim being stalked and terrorized by our resident psychopath and some truly macabre set-pieces with a skull.

Q189 La Sorella Di Ursula (78) aka: Curse of Ursula Maniac has sex with girls, and then kills them with a large Dildo! . Mention it with your order and it's a ten dollar extra disc or tape. . BA 2999 Carnival of Blood (71)  Burt Young 1646 Carnival of Fools aka: Death Wish Club (83) LD1 Carpenter, The (87)  gory unrated print - Wings Hauser L973 Casa De Brujas (03) aka: The Witch Affair - Subs 9921 Casanova. 2605 Death Occurred Last Night (70)  Raf Ballone, Frank Wolff, and Gabriele Tinti. . 8060 NightWish (89)  uncut version  BA 3078 Nighty Night (80s) .L. .

Paul (aka: Aunt Martha) is a psycho killer in drag that gets jealous and murders the girls. . Q647 Battle Heater (90) Mix up "Repo Man" with "Hardware" and "The Mangler" and you get one pissed off possessed heater seeking victims - Absurd and crazy Gore/Comedy Horror hybrid - LBX - Subs P150 Beast in the Lake. A video game designer discovers a dangerous virus in his recent creation. L166-9254 Island of the Fishmen (79) Now it's uncut and in Wide screen English language in a great print. Pass that jug Leroy! Hitler wants to talk peace with America as the Nazi's plot to destroy all evidence of the Genocide. (All three 30 VHS  or 35 SHG VHS / 40 DVD) LBX 7138 La Grande Troville aka: Tender Dracula (74)  Peter Cushing French language version 9282 La Matanza De Cannibals (93) Crazy cannibal family terrorizes two couples! Helga Line and Frank Brana star. Film was never released here! . Subs 2858 Dont Answer the Phone (82)  grim fun!

Now the mummified lover recounts some more recent incidents in the sex war of which he was an early casualty. . BA 7380 Tales of the Unusual (2000) A four-part anthology in the spirit of The Twilight Zone, this film starts off with a group of commuters stranded at a train station in the rain. . With music by the Electric Prunes! Klaus Kinski 1614 Craze (73)  Jack Palance sacrifices humans to his idol. 3559 Night of Death (85) aka:  La Nuit de la Morte Raphael Delpard directed this obscure foreign slasher. . 1827 Scarecrow, The (81)  John Carradine. . (69)  Geraldine Page is a murderess in this hard to find horror! .

40 foot apes and melting wax! You think you've seen it all? . 8671 Ghost Walk Around 2 (90's)  Japanese horror .L. Fights, humor, zombie cops, chainsaw mayhem, nailgun crucifixion and a shock ending. . LBX and Uncut 8977 Naked Weapon (02) Sequel to Naked Killer - Subs 571 Name for Evil, A (73)  Hitwoman hunts lesbian murderess that is attacked to her. . When the left hand doesn't know who the right hand is killing! . Also available in an English Language print - BA 7479-R11 Shelf Life (93)  Unreleased Paul Bartel black comedy. .


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Behaarte fickfotzen geile milf beim ficken 2811 Manson Family Movies (84) 8838 Manson Massacre, The (72)  Thought lost- this is the long missing Manson flick (with original trailer and in German language)  Gore, nudity, and Uschi Digart as Charlie's mom in flashback. . 1662 Blood Mania (71) 2784 Blood Nasty (88)  unreleased campy horror with Linnea Quigley  BA 1448 Blood of Draculas Castle (67) 7112 Blood of the Iron Maiden aka: Is This Trip Really Necessary? BA Q944 Arang (06) Korean horror is the latest variation of the long-haired-ghost girl genre - LBX - Subs 2721 Arcana (72)  Ultra rare Exorcist style film  by director of Death Laid an Egg .L. 9809 Flowers of Blood (81) Gordon Mitchell plays a mad scientist that is trying to bring his dead wife back! It's because the video release of this was cut by 9 minutes and in actuality was the edited.V.
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In the opening 12 minutes or so, there is a sacrifice of a nude woman by an extreme decapitation by a fanatical cult lead by an evil (but sexy) witch woman and her Goblet of Blood which is crucial to the rituals. 34 Vampire Hookers (78) Don't let them bite. Canadian Thriller  Hard-to-Find 8058 Witch Doctor (88)  Indian curses and revenge  BA 8876 Witch in the Family, A (99) Swedish Horror Comedy -LBX- Subs 1948 Witch Story (89)  A group of college kids spend their vacation. Peasants are enslaved, tortured, beaten and generally mistreated. 3459 Terror on Tour (83) Hard rock horror. BA T34 Rat in the Darkness (75) Creepy old house is the home for a horde of rats. Way ahead of it's time in that respect. . Category 3, LBX with subs Evil Judgement (84)  BA 4354 Evil Mysteries (78)  Rutger Hauer and Sylvia Kristel 2006 Evil Town (87) Passing through a small town, a stranger discovers that a crazed scientist is creating an army of zombies. . BA 9916 Pink Tush Girl (78)  2 High School girls decide to become whores after they discover the joys of sex. REGISTRIERT SEX TÄTER SUCHE IN KANSAS HUREN FRIEDRICHSHAIN

B4 Final Cut (88) A boy is witness to a brutal 'snuff' murder being filmed, thereafter he is a target - BA 9680 Final Destinations (88) Short films of horror shot on film 3092 Final Exam (81)  Psycho. Devil Below and Katherine the Great are some XXX trailers in the collection. This print runs about 20 min. Letterboxed Hong Kong Blair Witch ripoff  BA 1800 Nightmare aka: Nightmares in a Damaged Brain (81)  uncut with all of the extreme gore scenes missing from some prints! BA 1996 Johnsons, The (93)  Dutch horror classic. 3499 WitchBitch aka: DeathSpa (87)  Michael's health club is besieged with a series of terrible murders involving killer saunas and other grisly devices. . Gore fx by Gianneto De Rossi who did the fx for Fulci films! LBX 7352 City in Panic (86)  Murderer kills homosexuals in this violent grim 80's gem  BA 7154 Class Reunion Massacre aka: The Redeemer (77)  uncut version with original title! .

750 Seeds of Evil (74) L403 Senketsu no Kizuna (00) I Spit on Your Grave-ish sadism and gore! Century sailor is abandoned on an island where he declares war upon mankind killing anyone who defies him. . Real monsters are conjured up during a séance. . He carries around a dead cat and becomes a singer in a punk rock band. . LBX subs 4498 Freeway Maniac,  The (87)  Theres no exit - from terror! Version of " Bakterion ". Beware the scissor killer! French / Italian fantasy. Terminator styled imagery, voodoo reanimation, total eclipse of the sun, "Ghost" inspired Moments, Gory knife - kill, Cheesy CGI shots, high body count etc. London 1972, when a property developer, an architect and a feminist art critic are trapped in high rise lift, their dreams turn to nightmares!

Apocalyptic spraying blood and nudity with fun action sequences and lots of those pesky killer worms. P104 Mystery Files (96) Horror - LBX - Subs T471 Naked Girl Killed in the Park (72) Alfonso Brescia directed Giallo Inheritance Killer Thriller -.L. She weasels her way into his life until he reaches his breaking point and kills her. . Two couples on a yacht are having a grand time until one of the men goes bonkers. L80 Residencia, La (69) aka: The Boarding School  aka: Finishing School  aka: The House that Screamed is print is in Italian language - (Also available in English)  LBX  BA 5216 Rest in Pieces (87)  A newlywed couple move into. A couple in an accident are invited to a manor where sex, drugs, death and lesbians await.

Brutal uncomfortable sex, high tension, claustrophobic suspense and more. K27 Tutte le Auto della Polizia, A (75) aka: Calling All Police Cars  aka: The Maniac Responsible - Italian language version - This print is nicer, and brighter but not Subtitled. Strain: The BodySnatcher (91)  rare horror that deals with reanimation of corpses and a mad scientist- (some glitches) T137. Dead people start coming after her to collect her. Venom (82)  International terrorists attempt to kidnap a wealthy couples child.

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